The first of my musings….

I am going to try this blog thing again. I like to people watch but as I have been stuck at home since December, I have not done much of that, lately. I am going to have to change that and get out more, at least to the best of my ability. To come up with ideas to write about.

On one afternoon, while I was driving home and saw something that made me giggle. I am not sure why it struck me so funny but it did. So let me tell you what I saw.

I was coming up to a stop sign, so I was slowing my car down. I happen to look to my right and I saw him.
He looked like at one time in his life he may have been a hippy and hadn’t changed his mind on being a hippy. He had to be in his 70s and his hair was white and down to his butt with a bandana wrapped around his forehead. Apparently it was time for him to walk his dog, which is quite normal, but what stopped me was the fact that he was fighting with his smart phone trying to make a phone call or something. You can see he was getting mad and ready to throw his phone.
I think the fact of going home to either his wife or his daughter without this phone stopped him. He gave up the fight and put the phone away and continued trying to walk the dog. He was just a talking to himself the whole time as he headed back to what I assumed was his home.

I have found a new channel on the TV; it is an Asian channel. It is definitely for the younger crowd but there is a couple of shows that crack me up. One show is called “need romance 2012”. So far as I can tell, it is about 3 young ladies and them trying to find a love interest. One of them, married someone 7 years ago due to his sister being ill. Not sure what happened to his sister, but now they are trying to figure out why they got married. She whines and he is like whatever. They both get sick and end up at the hospital and she can’t figure out why they always get the same illnesses. He just rolls his eyes at her and explains that they share a living environment so they are going to always get sick. All I can do is shake my head. Then the other show is called NINE and it is about a man going through time trying to change circumstance to make everything come out right. My youngest brother said it must be Quantum Leap for Asians. I suppose it is, but he goes through centuries.
Now here is what is so bad for me. Everything has subtitles, so I feel like I am watching a foreign move. Unfortunately, for me it is a train wreck and I have to keep watching it. SMH!!!

Okay, I am going to do some research and decide what to write about next time. I always have something to say, just never know until I get started. 🙂


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