Today, today, today
What is there to say about Today? I was blessed to wake up. I am blessed to get to go see my son perform in the Barbershop chorus that he has worked with for the last 2 1/2 days. He has found something he really enjoys and I am glad, today.
I know one day soon, he will not be here any longer to fill my days. No more asking did he clean his teeth, but Today.
My children have grown so fast that I can’t count the number of Todays that I was blessed with and I screwed that Today up. There were Todays that I was blessed and I did just fine with them. Those Todays I treasure and the others I try not to think about but to remember the lesson I learned on that Today.
But Today, I get to watch a precious young man to do something he is passionate about. Today, I get to brag on him and brag on other young men based on their performance, Today.
Today, I get to get out of my house for a bit and enjoy watching young people have fun.
Tomorrow’s Today only God knows what that will bring. I pray that God gives me another Today, but if he decides that Today is my last Today, I am good with that too.
Enjoy your Today, because you never know if you will be given another Today.


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