Tofu and vegetarinism

How many of you have tired being a vegetarian? I did this for a year and I found some things have stuck but others did not. I found that I had to have some kind of meat. I am okay without eating pork or red meat, but I have to have my poultry and if I am lucky some form of seafood. You know seafood can be extremely expensive, so that is more of a treat.

So to the things I found that I liked during my year. I actually found that I liked Tofu and before you fall off your chair, hear  me out. The first thing I learned that my tofu had to be firm or extra firm, to be edible. There so is so much you can do with tofu but you must drain it for most recipes; some don’t call for you to drain the tofu but I find it easier to work with.

Drain the tofu, you ask? Well that is easily enough done. Take the container and let the water out of it. The next step, get a plate down and place a towel on it, then add the block of tofu to the towel and then place the other half of the towel over the tofu. I usually place my cast iron skillet on the tofu and then I place something else in the skillet. Mainly for added weight but also to keep the skillet balanced. For some reason, my tofu usually drains lop-sided. LOL. (This takes about an hour)

Once you have drained the tofu, place it in a container and which ever marinade you would like to use. That is truly the trick for tofu. The marinade… is what makes the tofu delicious. The whole idea reminds me of eating escargot; it is the sauce that you taste not the snail. Hey don’t turn your nose up at it until you try it. But escargot is for another tail. The marinade you use will determine how long it takes before you can use it. Thin marinades only take about 30 minutes to marinade. The thicker the marinade can take up to 24 hours to be ready. One marinade I like is BBQ sauce, I like to put my BBQ tofu on a baked potato. Yes, you will want to cook the tofu but I suppose you don’t have to, I just do.

However, my absolute favorite thing I like to make is Tofu Parmesan. You know how when you make a pasta dish, it is always best to let it set for a day or so. I have found that with this particular recipe, I let it set up for 3 days. The tofu has had time to absorb all the ingredients. The first time I made this recipe, I made it exactly as it called for. I found that I did not have enough and I wanted more. So the next time I wanted this, I doubled the recipe and was so much happier.

I like Teriyaki marinade on my tofu, once the marinade is done, I like to make a stir fry with it. You can cut it in cube or break it down really small. When I did that, my family didn’t even know that the tofu was in there. They were not going to eat my tofu items and they would eat it faster than I could.  (Which I found very interesting) It was even funnier when I would put chicken or shrimp, they never knew that there was tofu in it.

Another thing that I kept doing when I came back to meat was the use of olive oil. I haven’t quite figured it out, but I use olive oil for everything. My intake of cheese has decreased and I have never really liked milk.


2 thoughts on “Tofu and vegetarinism

    1. There is nothing wrong with sticking with lentils and beans. I did the vegetarian thing mainly to control my diabetes, so I was trying everything.

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