So as I sit here, I have decided that I finally want to write my book. I have always wanted to write a book, but about what. Now ain’t that the question of the lifetime? Honestly, I think the book should be my musings of my people watching or the different things I tried experiencing. That has been interesting at times, like when I went vegetarian for a year. Never did lose any weight but at least I was healthier, or at least I thought I was. My perception and my doctor’s is totally a different idea when it comes to my health. I just keep telling myself they went to school for a very long time but I have been in this body for my entire life, I am pretty sure I know when something isn’t right.
I think a chapter should be about the TV station that I have become addicted. I have discovered a channel that is all Korean, excuse me, All Asian. I can do without the videos, however I have found a few of the comedies and dramas that I really like to watch. I went and found an app that allows me to watch these shows on my phone or computer and so then I don’t have to wait for the channel to decide if they are going to show the shows of my interest.
I think I can do it, but where to start? I think I need to work it out in bullet forms. I need to decide what chapters to write and in what order. In other words, I have to organize my thoughts; my goodness that will be a feat in itself.
I wonder if I should add images, but I don’t draw and I can’t take anything from the internet because as you know they belong to someone, and you can’t use them without their permission.
I don’t think my book would be a normal book, but it would still be mine.


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