Free typing…

So the first exercise I am suppose to do is free writing, however seeing I can’t write due to the arthritis and the fibromyalgia, I type. So my assignment is free typing.

It is storming, or it was when I turned on my computer. Yeah, yeah I know when it is storming, you are supposed to unplug everything. Yet, I want to write. Looks like I may not have a choice but to unplug the computer. I could always work on the latest baby quilt. I wasn’t given much time to create it, but I agreed to do it anyway. This time it is for a lil lass. I have issues with someone giving me very little time and expect me to be able to do it. And this person knows I don’t move very fast and they know why; and yet they bring this request to me. I agree only because I can’t imagine a child without a quilt. What can I say….I am a sucker when it comes to babies.

My avatar is the last baby quilt I made. Believe it or not, the pattern is called a Log cabin. It is has just been moved around but it is still a log cabin. This baby quilt I have started, will be a tumbling block baby quilt. The funny thing is that I was showing pictures of one of these I made once before; I was told that they are extremely hard to make. I looked at the person and scratched my head; because what they didn’t know at the time was that this particular blanket was like the 3rd one I had made in as many months.

I don’t find this pattern hard to make. Granted, there are easier ones to make but I like to make works that have illusion(s). So go figure. The only thing I can say is that this pattern does take sometime to create and I guess that is why I got conflustered by this particular person wanting me to make a baby quilt.  And Yet, I have already started cutting the pieces out. So what are you going to do; I tell you what you are going to do. You are going to laugh and shake your head as I finish cutting the pieces out to sew and make the quilt. Such as my life.

The thunder is still making itself known but at least the lightning has gone from over my house. There is still some rain, which is good because being in Florida we can always use the rain for our yards.

I sit here trying to think of things to write about and all I can see are my friends laughing and falling out of their chairs because I find myself speechless.  Not a state you usually find me in, but what can I say. I was told to free-type, it is an exercise in getting my brain to wake up and be able  to able to write more often when I turn on my computer. I am eager to work through these processes and to get to blogging each and every day because in the end I want to write a book. It is not about anything in particular at this moment. I think quite often it will be about my musings but that would mean I have to leave my house and go people watch or animal watch. Not too many people go by my house during the day.


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