I find that it is so easy to become distracted, especially when you are really trying to get things accomplished.

I have so many projects that I need to work on and yet there they sit. Some untouched just waiting to be worked and some having been worked yet unfinished. And yet all that can be done is to shake one’s head; which I do quite often. On a good day though, projects get done and the thought of getting out and mailing them or delivering is bewildering.

I pray that I don’t do this to my precious Abba and yet it happens. Why is it so easy to become distracted when all HE wants is to spend some quiet time with you? Psalm 46:10a specifically states “Be still, and know that I am God!” Be still, Be still. What such an easy statement to make and yet a task so hard to accomplish. I love my Heavenly Abba, yet I am so easily distracted (I could and do at times, blame it on my health). That is not right though, is it? My intentions are good but are they good for my Abba or are they good for me? I know I try to honor Abba in all things that I do. I wonder if it is enough for HIM. He knows our hearts so only he knows whether it is good enough; just in case I keep trying to honor him.

You are told to pray all the time, I believe that praying all the time is more like keeping a conversation going at all times. Keeping the phone line, so to speak, open and talking as need be. This Sunday, our preacher was talking about being a believer and he was preaching from Acts 2:42-47. In verse 42, it talks about what can be expected as a believer. As devoted (continuously without stopping – without fail) believers of the apostles teaching can expect 4 things.

*To bring a hunger to learn – expect solid teaching

*Bring a passion for others (fellowship) – expect to be loved and you to love others – expect to be reminded of HIM – Jesus saves – Is Jesus always centered in your mind?

*Bring a commitment to prayer – (praying without ceasing – talk to Abba all the time)
Someone asks you to pray. Feel free to add this request to a list but before you do PRAY right then and there. This hit me where I sat in my wheelchair. In the last few years, I have considered myself a prayer warrior, I can pray with the best of them, but do I try so very hard to pray every time as soon as I am asked. That is why DISTRACTIONS can become so easy. Someone is counting on you to bring their request to God ( Abba ) and yet you allowed yourself to be distracted and then you don’t remember what you were suppose to pray for or whom.

I use the notepad in my phone to place the prayer requests so that I always have them with me and yet I still allow myself to be distracted. All I can do is shake my head at my own failing.

And yet, I know Abba loves me and he knows I will be back. I always come back to HIM no matter what. I have notebooks around me at all times that have prayer requests. I truly try to pray as soon as I am asked to send one up; I can’t let myself be distracted and yet. Some would say that it is the Devil causing you to be distracted. The only thing he can do is plant the idea, you have to make the decision to be distracted.

I want to try an exercise and wonder whom would like to try this with me. Get 2 jars, no matter the size and as soon as someone asks you for prayer. Say the prayer then write down and place it in a jar. When that prayers is answered take it out of the one jar and write down the what God’s answer is even if HIS answer is NO, still place it there on that paper. Once it is done, then place the paper in the other jar. This will allow you to see what God is doing in your life and of those HE has placed in your path. Then from time to time let me know if you find that Abba is answering your prayers. You don’t have to give out details but I would love to hear how your experience goes. And I will do the same so those of you that are reading my blog can follow along.


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