Monthly Archives: August 2014

My child and my calendar…..

I have spent all morning and part of the early afternoon, logging in my son’s schedule for this year. I am blown away by how many dates are taken up for him. It seriously makes my head spin. He is only involved in Chorus at school and the Boy Scouts and yet he is super busy. January and February makes me tired just looking at his activities. I haven’t added my things yet to the calendar, it is just amazing how much he has going on. His homework level has finally picked up. I think this year is going to prove that he will have to work to keep his grades where they are.



I loved the pictures of your trip and I love the colors you chose on your block picture. I read to my hubby the part about you not making the pillow for your new couch and he laughed because he knows the feeling. I quilt, I knit, I sew; so he never knows what is going to come out of my sewing room.

Making dinner not so blahhhh….

Well my guys are always complaining that our meals are becoming blah and wanted something different. So I have been looking and looking and it took me quite a while to come upon the idea of trying cultural dinners. I am slowly learning Korean so I decided to make a Korean dinner. I decided we would try a Korean menu. We got a recipe to make noodles and veggies. We have a friend that is an awesome cook and he gave me a recipe to BBQ chicken using Korean sauces and spices, basically things that this Georgian girl would not normally use. He directed me to our local Asian market, which by the way I did not know even existed. I love finding new places and businesses to visit and spend my money. My son and I went into the Asian market and there were so many things to look at and see. I ended up getting a tour by the Manager LOL. I found out that the proper way of looking for sweet potato noodles, is to call them correctly Yam Noodles. The amazing thing I found was that once you had everything cooked and all the flavors together that the noodles absorbed the flavor of everything. What a wonderful experience!!! The Yam noodles are very light, even though the package feels heavy, which by the way I think it is just because the noodles are wrapped up tight. Once you let them loose, they feel very light and they are not heavy while eating them but you will fill up fast and stay hungry. Back to the absorption, if you know anything about tofu and understand how to marinate and cook tofu; that tofu absorbs the flavors you marinate and cook with. These noodles are so much better. I will be using these again and I will be using this recipe, because it does not affect my diabetes. This is always a plus sign.
However, I did cheat with the chicken, though, instead of using the BBQ marinate recipe that our friend gave us, I used a bottle marinate, a sweet chili spice, and it was not at all spicy. It does have a small kick but nothing I couldn’t handle and that is saying a lot. So now I have to think if I want to try another Korean recipe or should we go to another culture, which I so not opposed to. We are not giving up on the BBQ recipe but we are just going to use it on a different night. I can’t wait!!!

Penpal – The old school way

A few of my online friends and I decided we would experiment with a pen-pal letter writing campaign. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure anyone would write me. Yet out of 6 people, I receive letters from 5 people. It is awesome. You never know when or if a letter will be in your mailbox. The excitement is overwhelming when you find that letter from a friend waiting for you in your mailbox. It takes everything I have to not open the letter until I get to my back room. I have to go to my back room, because that is where I have a table set up for writing my friends back. Sometimes I write the letters, sometimes I have to type the letters but that doesn’t take away from the experience. It is so exciting to hear from a person, sometimes they are just across the country in another state and sometimes they are across the ocean in another country.
I love learning about these people and their lives. I Skype with one friend that is in Germany. It so much fun to be able to see my friend and talk with her. We talk about anything from government to Doctor Who to our pets. It is truly a nice experience, to meet new people. People that you have life experiences in common, despite the miles.
I got another letter today and I love the fact that I know my friend is going to get a vacation, something she hasn’t had in many years. I can’t wait to hear about her trip and the things that she will do.
My Skype friend, went to Spain and then to Wales to which point that she went to Cardiff to enjoy the Doctor Who experience. I would love to have been there with her but since I couldn’t, it was great to hear the things that she did. The pictures are great, even more fun when she tells me the story behind them.