Penpal – The old school way

A few of my online friends and I decided we would experiment with a pen-pal letter writing campaign. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure anyone would write me. Yet out of 6 people, I receive letters from 5 people. It is awesome. You never know when or if a letter will be in your mailbox. The excitement is overwhelming when you find that letter from a friend waiting for you in your mailbox. It takes everything I have to not open the letter until I get to my back room. I have to go to my back room, because that is where I have a table set up for writing my friends back. Sometimes I write the letters, sometimes I have to type the letters but that doesn’t take away from the experience. It is so exciting to hear from a person, sometimes they are just across the country in another state and sometimes they are across the ocean in another country.
I love learning about these people and their lives. I Skype with one friend that is in Germany. It so much fun to be able to see my friend and talk with her. We talk about anything from government to Doctor Who to our pets. It is truly a nice experience, to meet new people. People that you have life experiences in common, despite the miles.
I got another letter today and I love the fact that I know my friend is going to get a vacation, something she hasn’t had in many years. I can’t wait to hear about her trip and the things that she will do.
My Skype friend, went to Spain and then to Wales to which point that she went to Cardiff to enjoy the Doctor Who experience. I would love to have been there with her but since I couldn’t, it was great to hear the things that she did. The pictures are great, even more fun when she tells me the story behind them.


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