Monthly Archives: September 2014

Friends and the Korean language.

I love the sweet ladies that my precious Abba has placed in my life. We meet on Friday mornings for our Life Group(Bible study) and they like to go to lunch sometimes. They ask me to come along but I always have to say No, even though I would love to go with them. My birthday is this month, so they treated me Cheesecake Factory. It was such a pleasant surprise, and such a joy spending time with them, just to have time to talk. Two new ladies came to the luncheon and they are going to join us on Fridays and it is so awesome to see our little group growing. Though I have to admit, not sure if they can place any more tables in my leaders house, maybe one more. Well actually they might be able to put 2 more tables in the shape of an “L”. What a beautiful thought, to have so many ladies studying God’s word.

I have recently found that I am having trouble with my memory and trying to complete a full sentence. So I am thinking outside the box, and trying to learn a new language. So I decided to learn Korean. I have found that it is not as hard as I would¬† have thought.¬† I found a place that appeared as a Korean Newspaper office and it does have newspaper, but apparently it is a Korean library. So I can’t wait to start borrowing books from them. I want to increase my vocabulary, now mind you that I have just started so I don’t know a lot of words but I know more than 12 so I think that is pretty awesome. And the ladies at the library work with me so my pronunciation is as close as it can be. I have always heard that Korean people as a whole were very pleasant and kind and they love when you try to learn their language. And I experienced this yesterday while I was at the library. I can’t wait to go back. Out of my vocabulary words, the word for telephone is going to drive me insane. I can read it on my flash card but to try to remember it without the card is an impossibility. So I can see this flash card will stay with me as I learn other words. It has been a lot of fun. The other reason I am doing this is because I have gotten into watching Kdramas. (Korean television shows).

The things your brain leads you to do.