Monthly Archives: November 2014

Today’s Rant…My life, the Hot Mess it is …

I haven’t been on here in quite a while. I have been trying to learn the Korean language. Let me tell you, it truly is not easy when you are self teaching yourself a new language. I do believe that I am going to need to find a group of people that speak Korean and see if they can help me with my progress. So far I am doing okay. I found a translator with Google; so it allows me to have a Korean keyboard to type with. It allows me to see what it says in English; sometimes the translation is out of its mind. And the other nice tool it has is a speaker that allows you to hear what you typed. I have found that Youtube has some really good videos of people willing to teach a different language.

And in the middle of all this learning, someone requested that I make 4 quilts for Christmas. Yes I am getting paid, but I can’t believe I let myself get into a project of the magnitude before Christmas. I won’t do this again. ROFLMBO!!! Stress levels are running high and I am still dealing with my Dad’s passing. My birthday was a hard one to deal with, knowing I would not get his “Forest Gump” phone call.

I love to knit, but due to my health issues that I am finding that the thinner the yarn is, the more trouble I have handling it. I don’t know if it is from the Carpal Tunnel or the Neuropathy. Not that it really matters, the fact remains that I still can’t work with the thinner yarns and that is depressing.

So what can I do if I lose my ability to use my hands the way I want? SMH. I am not giving up just yet but I can see it is in my near future and it is sad knowing this. How do people deal with the reality that what they consider their everyday life is coming to an end and knowing that they have to create a new life. I am not sure that I am ready for this. I know my precious Abba has my life in his hands and I know he will take care of me, yet It is still worrisome. I know from my Bible and from my experience through life, that worrying about anything will not change the outcome and I will probably end up with an ulcer. So I need to just stop and let God handle this.

I have been trying to get Disability and that is another headache. I feel like I am being treated like I don’t want to work and I really do want to work. SS has decided that I can do light work so I can’t qualify. I asked what light work was considered as. I was told that it meant that I could answer phone calls, stuff envelopes, and make copies. So please tell me who hires for that kind of job?

And on top of all this, I have been sick all week. What a bummer!!! I had to miss my LIfe Group due to me being sick. I am so about done with all this Hot Mess I find myself in. Oh well this is my life at the moment.