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Accidental Tofu recipe

Hot dog!!! I found a new flavor I like to marinate my tofu in. Marinate tofu…. you say? Yes you must marinate your tofu if you want flavor when you eat it. I don’t mind eating it plain but I find that I really like to have flavor with my tofu.

First things first, you must drain your tofu. There will be alot of water in the container and in the tofu. Tofu loves to absorb everything and anything you place it in. Like when I make my Tofu Parmesan; I cook it and then let it set for 3 days in the refrigerator. At the end of the 3 days, the tofu has alot of the mix absorbed and it gives you a very pleasant experience.

Drain the tofu…..? (scratching your head, are you?) Well what I do is take the tofu out of the packaging and place it in a hand towel on a plate. I make sure that the tofu is covered in the towel and then I place something heavy, namely my cast iron skillet and on top of that I place a heavy bottle of veggie oil. This allows the tofu to be pressed and makes it easier to absorb the flavor you want.

You can eat the tofu in any manner that suits you. I love to eat it in stir fry and in that I use zucchini, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, any veggie that strikes my fancy. I also use Jasmine brown rice. The Jasmine brown rice seems to also absorb the flavors you use. So the meal is always awesome. Sometimes I find I don’t make enough and then I have to pout. LOL.

Okay so for today’s lunch I heated up my tofu that had been marinated in Sweet chili pepper sauce. I cooked it up in a frying pan with mandu and buckwheat noodles.  That is a wonderful lunch; so flavorful and so filling. I also got to eat all this with my steel chopsticks. I found them by accident a few weeks ago and it was great because I was curious if they made them in other materials than wood or bamboo. I got my answer.