Learning something new….

Why on earth would I willingly torture myself? All I can do is shake my head at myself.

One night among many nights that I could not sleep, I went to YouTube to watch videos. It truly is amazing what you can find when you can’t sleep.

On this particular night I found videos about decorating planners. It was so much fun to watch and think, could I do this. Sure why not? I can do it as well as the next person. So I began thinking why not, but then I realize I don’t use the type of planners that they use in the videos and I am not going to go out to buy one just so I can decorate a planner. A planner that I will more than likely not use, so I threw out that idea. However, I decided that I still liked the idea of decorating so I transferred the ideas to my written journal.

My written journal….a place I can put my ideas, a place I can put my frustrations, a place I can vent without being made to feel awful. And so I began to decorate my journal and found I truly do enjoy decorating. I get to use smiley faces with all sorts of emotions. I get to use stickers with all sorts of designs to go along with my writings. So now I am back to thinking about decorating my planner. LOL again shaking my head.

I don’t plan to go overboard with the decorating, but who ever plans for that? At least, I am going to try to not go over board with the decorating. I have bought sticker paper so that I can make my own style of stickers. (So much for not going overboard.) At least I will make my own and not buy a bazillion stickers and washi tape; which by the way I was starting to do that and decided that I just needed to stop.

You would think that by not being allowed to drive, I would have a problem with getting to the store to buy things. And to a point that does prove to be a problem; I just wait for my hubby and the kids to get home and have them take me where I want to go. Even though they really don’t want to, they do it just the same. The reasons are long and convoluted, and for another rant and another day.






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