My child and my calendar…..

I have spent all morning and part of the early afternoon, logging in my son’s schedule for this year. I am blown away by how many dates are taken up for him. It seriously makes my head spin. He is only involved in Chorus at school and the Boy Scouts and yet he is super busy. January and February makes me tired just looking at his activities. I haven’t added my things yet to the calendar, it is just amazing how much he has going on. His homework level has finally picked up. I think this year is going to prove that he will have to work to keep his grades where they are.



I loved the pictures of your trip and I love the colors you chose on your block picture. I read to my hubby the part about you not making the pillow for your new couch and he laughed because he knows the feeling. I quilt, I knit, I sew; so he never knows what is going to come out of my sewing room.

Making dinner not so blahhhh….

Well my guys are always complaining that our meals are becoming blah and wanted something different. So I have been looking and looking and it took me quite a while to come upon the idea of trying cultural dinners. I am slowly learning Korean so I decided to make a Korean dinner. I decided we would try a Korean menu. We got a recipe to make noodles and veggies. We have a friend that is an awesome cook and he gave me a recipe to BBQ chicken using Korean sauces and spices, basically things that this Georgian girl would not normally use. He directed me to our local Asian market, which by the way I did not know even existed. I love finding new places and businesses to visit and spend my money. My son and I went into the Asian market and there were so many things to look at and see. I ended up getting a tour by the Manager LOL. I found out that the proper way of looking for sweet potato noodles, is to call them correctly Yam Noodles. The amazing thing I found was that once you had everything cooked and all the flavors together that the noodles absorbed the flavor of everything. What a wonderful experience!!! The Yam noodles are very light, even though the package feels heavy, which by the way I think it is just because the noodles are wrapped up tight. Once you let them loose, they feel very light and they are not heavy while eating them but you will fill up fast and stay hungry. Back to the absorption, if you know anything about tofu and understand how to marinate and cook tofu; that tofu absorbs the flavors you marinate and cook with. These noodles are so much better. I will be using these again and I will be using this recipe, because it does not affect my diabetes. This is always a plus sign.
However, I did cheat with the chicken, though, instead of using the BBQ marinate recipe that our friend gave us, I used a bottle marinate, a sweet chili spice, and it was not at all spicy. It does have a small kick but nothing I couldn’t handle and that is saying a lot. So now I have to think if I want to try another Korean recipe or should we go to another culture, which I so not opposed to. We are not giving up on the BBQ recipe but we are just going to use it on a different night. I can’t wait!!!

Penpal – The old school way

A few of my online friends and I decided we would experiment with a pen-pal letter writing campaign. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure anyone would write me. Yet out of 6 people, I receive letters from 5 people. It is awesome. You never know when or if a letter will be in your mailbox. The excitement is overwhelming when you find that letter from a friend waiting for you in your mailbox. It takes everything I have to not open the letter until I get to my back room. I have to go to my back room, because that is where I have a table set up for writing my friends back. Sometimes I write the letters, sometimes I have to type the letters but that doesn’t take away from the experience. It is so exciting to hear from a person, sometimes they are just across the country in another state and sometimes they are across the ocean in another country.
I love learning about these people and their lives. I Skype with one friend that is in Germany. It so much fun to be able to see my friend and talk with her. We talk about anything from government to Doctor Who to our pets. It is truly a nice experience, to meet new people. People that you have life experiences in common, despite the miles.
I got another letter today and I love the fact that I know my friend is going to get a vacation, something she hasn’t had in many years. I can’t wait to hear about her trip and the things that she will do.
My Skype friend, went to Spain and then to Wales to which point that she went to Cardiff to enjoy the Doctor Who experience. I would love to have been there with her but since I couldn’t, it was great to hear the things that she did. The pictures are great, even more fun when she tells me the story behind them.


I find that it is so easy to become distracted, especially when you are really trying to get things accomplished.

I have so many projects that I need to work on and yet there they sit. Some untouched just waiting to be worked and some having been worked yet unfinished. And yet all that can be done is to shake one’s head; which I do quite often. On a good day though, projects get done and the thought of getting out and mailing them or delivering is bewildering.

I pray that I don’t do this to my precious Abba and yet it happens. Why is it so easy to become distracted when all HE wants is to spend some quiet time with you? Psalm 46:10a specifically states “Be still, and know that I am God!” Be still, Be still. What such an easy statement to make and yet a task so hard to accomplish. I love my Heavenly Abba, yet I am so easily distracted (I could and do at times, blame it on my health). That is not right though, is it? My intentions are good but are they good for my Abba or are they good for me? I know I try to honor Abba in all things that I do. I wonder if it is enough for HIM. He knows our hearts so only he knows whether it is good enough; just in case I keep trying to honor him.

You are told to pray all the time, I believe that praying all the time is more like keeping a conversation going at all times. Keeping the phone line, so to speak, open and talking as need be. This Sunday, our preacher was talking about being a believer and he was preaching from Acts 2:42-47. In verse 42, it talks about what can be expected as a believer. As devoted (continuously without stopping – without fail) believers of the apostles teaching can expect 4 things.

*To bring a hunger to learn – expect solid teaching

*Bring a passion for others (fellowship) – expect to be loved and you to love others – expect to be reminded of HIM – Jesus saves – Is Jesus always centered in your mind?

*Bring a commitment to prayer – (praying without ceasing – talk to Abba all the time)
Someone asks you to pray. Feel free to add this request to a list but before you do PRAY right then and there. This hit me where I sat in my wheelchair. In the last few years, I have considered myself a prayer warrior, I can pray with the best of them, but do I try so very hard to pray every time as soon as I am asked. That is why DISTRACTIONS can become so easy. Someone is counting on you to bring their request to God ( Abba ) and yet you allowed yourself to be distracted and then you don’t remember what you were suppose to pray for or whom.

I use the notepad in my phone to place the prayer requests so that I always have them with me and yet I still allow myself to be distracted. All I can do is shake my head at my own failing.

And yet, I know Abba loves me and he knows I will be back. I always come back to HIM no matter what. I have notebooks around me at all times that have prayer requests. I truly try to pray as soon as I am asked to send one up; I can’t let myself be distracted and yet. Some would say that it is the Devil causing you to be distracted. The only thing he can do is plant the idea, you have to make the decision to be distracted.

I want to try an exercise and wonder whom would like to try this with me. Get 2 jars, no matter the size and as soon as someone asks you for prayer. Say the prayer then write down and place it in a jar. When that prayers is answered take it out of the one jar and write down the what God’s answer is even if HIS answer is NO, still place it there on that paper. Once it is done, then place the paper in the other jar. This will allow you to see what God is doing in your life and of those HE has placed in your path. Then from time to time let me know if you find that Abba is answering your prayers. You don’t have to give out details but I would love to hear how your experience goes. And I will do the same so those of you that are reading my blog can follow along.

Free typing…

So the first exercise I am suppose to do is free writing, however seeing I can’t write due to the arthritis and the fibromyalgia, I type. So my assignment is free typing.

It is storming, or it was when I turned on my computer. Yeah, yeah I know when it is storming, you are supposed to unplug everything. Yet, I want to write. Looks like I may not have a choice but to unplug the computer. I could always work on the latest baby quilt. I wasn’t given much time to create it, but I agreed to do it anyway. This time it is for a lil lass. I have issues with someone giving me very little time and expect me to be able to do it. And this person knows I don’t move very fast and they know why; and yet they bring this request to me. I agree only because I can’t imagine a child without a quilt. What can I say….I am a sucker when it comes to babies.

My avatar is the last baby quilt I made. Believe it or not, the pattern is called a Log cabin. It is has just been moved around but it is still a log cabin. This baby quilt I have started, will be a tumbling block baby quilt. The funny thing is that I was showing pictures of one of these I made once before; I was told that they are extremely hard to make. I looked at the person and scratched my head; because what they didn’t know at the time was that this particular blanket was like the 3rd one I had made in as many months.

I don’t find this pattern hard to make. Granted, there are easier ones to make but I like to make works that have illusion(s). So go figure. The only thing I can say is that this pattern does take sometime to create and I guess that is why I got conflustered by this particular person wanting me to make a baby quilt.  And Yet, I have already started cutting the pieces out. So what are you going to do; I tell you what you are going to do. You are going to laugh and shake your head as I finish cutting the pieces out to sew and make the quilt. Such as my life.

The thunder is still making itself known but at least the lightning has gone from over my house. There is still some rain, which is good because being in Florida we can always use the rain for our yards.

I sit here trying to think of things to write about and all I can see are my friends laughing and falling out of their chairs because I find myself speechless.  Not a state you usually find me in, but what can I say. I was told to free-type, it is an exercise in getting my brain to wake up and be able  to able to write more often when I turn on my computer. I am eager to work through these processes and to get to blogging each and every day because in the end I want to write a book. It is not about anything in particular at this moment. I think quite often it will be about my musings but that would mean I have to leave my house and go people watch or animal watch. Not too many people go by my house during the day.


So as I sit here, I have decided that I finally want to write my book. I have always wanted to write a book, but about what. Now ain’t that the question of the lifetime? Honestly, I think the book should be my musings of my people watching or the different things I tried experiencing. That has been interesting at times, like when I went vegetarian for a year. Never did lose any weight but at least I was healthier, or at least I thought I was. My perception and my doctor’s is totally a different idea when it comes to my health. I just keep telling myself they went to school for a very long time but I have been in this body for my entire life, I am pretty sure I know when something isn’t right.
I think a chapter should be about the TV station that I have become addicted. I have discovered a channel that is all Korean, excuse me, All Asian. I can do without the videos, however I have found a few of the comedies and dramas that I really like to watch. I went and found an app that allows me to watch these shows on my phone or computer and so then I don’t have to wait for the channel to decide if they are going to show the shows of my interest.
I think I can do it, but where to start? I think I need to work it out in bullet forms. I need to decide what chapters to write and in what order. In other words, I have to organize my thoughts; my goodness that will be a feat in itself.
I wonder if I should add images, but I don’t draw and I can’t take anything from the internet because as you know they belong to someone, and you can’t use them without their permission.
I don’t think my book would be a normal book, but it would still be mine.

Crafts – sewing

I have found out something interesting. I have crocheted since I was 8 years old, so let’s just say that I have crocheted over 30 years. I spent the last 10 years teaching myself to knit and that was before I realized that you could go to YOUTUBE to figure out how to do a stitch. So that said, I am so confused.

I have been working on a sweater for myself due to the fact that I can’t find one that I like for myself in the stores. I have had a couple of lovely ladies that helped me pick out a pattern to use. One is Carol and she owns the store Brandon Yarn Boutique in Brandon, Florida. Another lady is one that helps Carol in the store. At times I get crazy, following the patterns, and I just have to remember to follow one sets of instructions at a time.

So why on earth when I decide to work on a scarf for a relative and the pattern I chose is crochet, Why on earth am I having trouble working the pattern in crochet? It is very interesting to see that I am having issues with that.  All I can do is shake my head. I, however, found a knit pattern, to make my relative another scarf.

Tofu and vegetarinism

How many of you have tired being a vegetarian? I did this for a year and I found some things have stuck but others did not. I found that I had to have some kind of meat. I am okay without eating pork or red meat, but I have to have my poultry and if I am lucky some form of seafood. You know seafood can be extremely expensive, so that is more of a treat.

So to the things I found that I liked during my year. I actually found that I liked Tofu and before you fall off your chair, hear  me out. The first thing I learned that my tofu had to be firm or extra firm, to be edible. There so is so much you can do with tofu but you must drain it for most recipes; some don’t call for you to drain the tofu but I find it easier to work with.

Drain the tofu, you ask? Well that is easily enough done. Take the container and let the water out of it. The next step, get a plate down and place a towel on it, then add the block of tofu to the towel and then place the other half of the towel over the tofu. I usually place my cast iron skillet on the tofu and then I place something else in the skillet. Mainly for added weight but also to keep the skillet balanced. For some reason, my tofu usually drains lop-sided. LOL. (This takes about an hour)

Once you have drained the tofu, place it in a container and which ever marinade you would like to use. That is truly the trick for tofu. The marinade… is what makes the tofu delicious. The whole idea reminds me of eating escargot; it is the sauce that you taste not the snail. Hey don’t turn your nose up at it until you try it. But escargot is for another tail. The marinade you use will determine how long it takes before you can use it. Thin marinades only take about 30 minutes to marinade. The thicker the marinade can take up to 24 hours to be ready. One marinade I like is BBQ sauce, I like to put my BBQ tofu on a baked potato. Yes, you will want to cook the tofu but I suppose you don’t have to, I just do.

However, my absolute favorite thing I like to make is Tofu Parmesan. You know how when you make a pasta dish, it is always best to let it set for a day or so. I have found that with this particular recipe, I let it set up for 3 days. The tofu has had time to absorb all the ingredients. The first time I made this recipe, I made it exactly as it called for. I found that I did not have enough and I wanted more. So the next time I wanted this, I doubled the recipe and was so much happier.

I like Teriyaki marinade on my tofu, once the marinade is done, I like to make a stir fry with it. You can cut it in cube or break it down really small. When I did that, my family didn’t even know that the tofu was in there. They were not going to eat my tofu items and they would eat it faster than I could.  (Which I found very interesting) It was even funnier when I would put chicken or shrimp, they never knew that there was tofu in it.

Another thing that I kept doing when I came back to meat was the use of olive oil. I haven’t quite figured it out, but I use olive oil for everything. My intake of cheese has decreased and I have never really liked milk.


Today, today, today
What is there to say about Today? I was blessed to wake up. I am blessed to get to go see my son perform in the Barbershop chorus that he has worked with for the last 2 1/2 days. He has found something he really enjoys and I am glad, today.
I know one day soon, he will not be here any longer to fill my days. No more asking did he clean his teeth, but Today.
My children have grown so fast that I can’t count the number of Todays that I was blessed with and I screwed that Today up. There were Todays that I was blessed and I did just fine with them. Those Todays I treasure and the others I try not to think about but to remember the lesson I learned on that Today.
But Today, I get to watch a precious young man to do something he is passionate about. Today, I get to brag on him and brag on other young men based on their performance, Today.
Today, I get to get out of my house for a bit and enjoy watching young people have fun.
Tomorrow’s Today only God knows what that will bring. I pray that God gives me another Today, but if he decides that Today is my last Today, I am good with that too.
Enjoy your Today, because you never know if you will be given another Today.