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My heart is breaking……

I am so heartbroken; please bare with me as I go through this. I turned on my television yesterday; I found myself not wanting to watch another Christmas movie. Hallmark channel has been playing them since Halloween. (SMH). So I went to my detective shows and that channel was presenting the stories of 4 black men that had been lynched. 3 of the men were in southern states and 1 of the men was in upper New York.

You have to understand, I am a white lady raised in the South; mainly Georgia in the years of growing up that shaped me to who I am today. I was raised that I am not better than my neighbor and they are not any better than me. We all get up in the morning and put our pants on the same way. I was taught to think of us as being a box of crayon. We each have our purpose.

I am naive and I know I am; but maybe I am silly I don’t know. I truly thought we had all gotten past hate and racisim. I suppose that it is here and I choose to ignore what is there. I just don’t understand how there can be so much hate. Yes the black culture got a raw deal in the beginning and their history makes them wary.

I just don’t understand how one human being can mistreat another human being. It breaks my heart. I know there are other issues and I can’t go into them. But to lynch a black man because he liked, or he was dating, or even looked at a white woman is beyond my comprehension.

To further break my heart, it would seem that people that were going to the police to try to help solve these murders were dying in one manner or another. So many people have information and are scared to death to bring it the proper authorities.

Here is the worse thing about it. They were all labeled as suicides. Now mind you everything is one sided and I can only go on with what was presented; but these 4 men don’t seem to have committed suicide.

I wish things were not like this and everyone could get along.