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Accidental Tofu recipe

Hot dog!!! I found a new flavor I like to marinate my tofu in. Marinate tofu…. you say? Yes you must marinate your tofu if you want flavor when you eat it. I don’t mind eating it plain but I find that I really like to have flavor with my tofu.

First things first, you must drain your tofu. There will be alot of water in the container and in the tofu. Tofu loves to absorb everything and anything you place it in. Like when I make my Tofu Parmesan; I cook it and then let it set for 3 days in the refrigerator. At the end of the 3 days, the tofu has alot of the mix absorbed and it gives you a very pleasant experience.

Drain the tofu…..? (scratching your head, are you?) Well what I do is take the tofu out of the packaging and place it in a hand towel on a plate. I make sure that the tofu is covered in the towel and then I place something heavy, namely my cast iron skillet and on top of that I place a heavy bottle of veggie oil. This allows the tofu to be pressed and makes it easier to absorb the flavor you want.

You can eat the tofu in any manner that suits you. I love to eat it in stir fry and in that I use zucchini, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, any veggie that strikes my fancy. I also use Jasmine brown rice. The Jasmine brown rice seems to also absorb the flavors you use. So the meal is always awesome. Sometimes I find I don’t make enough and then I have to pout. LOL.

Okay so for today’s lunch I heated up my tofu that had been marinated in Sweet chili pepper sauce. I cooked it up in a frying pan with mandu and buckwheat noodles.  That is a wonderful lunch; so flavorful and so filling. I also got to eat all this with my steel chopsticks. I found them by accident a few weeks ago and it was great because I was curious if they made them in other materials than wood or bamboo. I got my answer.


Making dinner not so blahhhh….

Well my guys are always complaining that our meals are becoming blah and wanted something different. So I have been looking and looking and it took me quite a while to come upon the idea of trying cultural dinners. I am slowly learning Korean so I decided to make a Korean dinner. I decided we would try a Korean menu. We got a recipe to make noodles and veggies. We have a friend that is an awesome cook and he gave me a recipe to BBQ chicken using Korean sauces and spices, basically things that this Georgian girl would not normally use. He directed me to our local Asian market, which by the way I did not know even existed. I love finding new places and businesses to visit and spend my money. My son and I went into the Asian market and there were so many things to look at and see. I ended up getting a tour by the Manager LOL. I found out that the proper way of looking for sweet potato noodles, is to call them correctly Yam Noodles. The amazing thing I found was that once you had everything cooked and all the flavors together that the noodles absorbed the flavor of everything. What a wonderful experience!!! The Yam noodles are very light, even though the package feels heavy, which by the way I think it is just because the noodles are wrapped up tight. Once you let them loose, they feel very light and they are not heavy while eating them but you will fill up fast and stay hungry. Back to the absorption, if you know anything about tofu and understand how to marinate and cook tofu; that tofu absorbs the flavors you marinate and cook with. These noodles are so much better. I will be using these again and I will be using this recipe, because it does not affect my diabetes. This is always a plus sign.
However, I did cheat with the chicken, though, instead of using the BBQ marinate recipe that our friend gave us, I used a bottle marinate, a sweet chili spice, and it was not at all spicy. It does have a small kick but nothing I couldn’t handle and that is saying a lot. So now I have to think if I want to try another Korean recipe or should we go to another culture, which I so not opposed to. We are not giving up on the BBQ recipe but we are just going to use it on a different night. I can’t wait!!!

Tofu and vegetarinism

How many of you have tired being a vegetarian? I did this for a year and I found some things have stuck but others did not. I found that I had to have some kind of meat. I am okay without eating pork or red meat, but I have to have my poultry and if I am lucky some form of seafood. You know seafood can be extremely expensive, so that is more of a treat.

So to the things I found that I liked during my year. I actually found that I liked Tofu and before you fall off your chair, hear  me out. The first thing I learned that my tofu had to be firm or extra firm, to be edible. There so is so much you can do with tofu but you must drain it for most recipes; some don’t call for you to drain the tofu but I find it easier to work with.

Drain the tofu, you ask? Well that is easily enough done. Take the container and let the water out of it. The next step, get a plate down and place a towel on it, then add the block of tofu to the towel and then place the other half of the towel over the tofu. I usually place my cast iron skillet on the tofu and then I place something else in the skillet. Mainly for added weight but also to keep the skillet balanced. For some reason, my tofu usually drains lop-sided. LOL. (This takes about an hour)

Once you have drained the tofu, place it in a container and which ever marinade you would like to use. That is truly the trick for tofu. The marinade… is what makes the tofu delicious. The whole idea reminds me of eating escargot; it is the sauce that you taste not the snail. Hey don’t turn your nose up at it until you try it. But escargot is for another tail. The marinade you use will determine how long it takes before you can use it. Thin marinades only take about 30 minutes to marinade. The thicker the marinade can take up to 24 hours to be ready. One marinade I like is BBQ sauce, I like to put my BBQ tofu on a baked potato. Yes, you will want to cook the tofu but I suppose you don’t have to, I just do.

However, my absolute favorite thing I like to make is Tofu Parmesan. You know how when you make a pasta dish, it is always best to let it set for a day or so. I have found that with this particular recipe, I let it set up for 3 days. The tofu has had time to absorb all the ingredients. The first time I made this recipe, I made it exactly as it called for. I found that I did not have enough and I wanted more. So the next time I wanted this, I doubled the recipe and was so much happier.

I like Teriyaki marinade on my tofu, once the marinade is done, I like to make a stir fry with it. You can cut it in cube or break it down really small. When I did that, my family didn’t even know that the tofu was in there. They were not going to eat my tofu items and they would eat it faster than I could.  (Which I found very interesting) It was even funnier when I would put chicken or shrimp, they never knew that there was tofu in it.

Another thing that I kept doing when I came back to meat was the use of olive oil. I haven’t quite figured it out, but I use olive oil for everything. My intake of cheese has decreased and I have never really liked milk.